Mould Inspections

At Mould Rescue we begin with a thorough inspection of the home, its important to understand why the mould is occurring.  During the inspection we look at Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation, structural dampness, make general observations about the home as well as gather as much information as possible about the home from the occupant.

Mould Removal is not as simple as spraying some form of chemical on the surface where the problem resides. It’s a much more complex process to obtain long lasting results.  Mould Rescue’s certified remediators will inspect the site at a time that is convenient for you.  Using speciality tools they’ll measure the moisture in the structure and then attempt to trace this moisture to the root cause of the mould growth.

Once the situation is completely assessed, your mould rescue technician will explain the results to you, recommend a solution and provide a formal report if required.

At Mould Rescue cost is something we discuss up front so if remediation is required all costs will be explained and need to be approved before we commence work.

Inspections start from $440

For more information call the Mould Rescue team on 0425 044 501

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