Mould Rescue Associations

Mould Rescue are a proud member of SCRIA, The Specialised Cleaning & restoration Industry Association Inc. (SCRIA Inc) is a registered Trade Association, representing the carpet, upholstery cleaning and restoration industries Our Aim is to continually improve the level of professionalism, training, education and ongoing technical development of the industry while providing the consumer with the sound knowledge that employing the services of a SCRIA member represents quality and professionalism.

Benefits for consumers employing a SCRIA member

There are many benefits from employing the services of a SCRIA Member these include:

  1. Knowing that your property will be cleaned, maintained and restored to the highest standard
  2. Knowing that the company you are employing have undergone specialised industry training
  3. Knowing that the company you are employing has adequate insurance in place in case something does go wrong
  4. Knowing that if you have an issue with the company you can follow the complaints procedure of SCRIA and have the complaint followed up
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