Our Equipment

Here is some of the Restoration Equipment that Mould Rescue uses

The Phoenix R200 50Hz


The R200 50Hz outperforms the larger competitive dehumidifiers by removing more water, providing larger grain depression and consuming less power. The proven LGR design is surrounded by a durable roto-molded high impact plastic to create a dehumidifier that is smaller and lighter than competitive units.

In addition to the performance benefits and tough compact size, the R200 50Hz has patented bypass technology, increased airflow, multiple ducting options, and a pleated media filter. The R200 50Hz is the latest member of the Phoenix line of LGR dehumidifiers; the most effective and versatile drying devices made.

  • Removes over 52 liters per day at AHAM (26.7ºC/60% RH)
  • U.S. Patented bypass technology
  • Draws only 3.7 amps and removes 5.9 pints/kw
  • Small, 85cm x 51cm x 51cm
  • Weighs 47 kg
  • 442 m3/hr; faster drying and superior static pressure for ducting
  • Multiple ducting options – 30cm intake, 25cm exhaust
  • Solid state controls
  • Protected condensate hose
  • Telescoping handle
  • Recessed 30cm Wheels
  • Pleated 30cm x 30cm x 2.5cm MERV-11 media air filter
  • Stacks easily reducing storage space

Phoenix Centrifugal Air Mover


One of the best Air Movers in Australia, the Phoenix Centrifugal Air Mover offers low amp draw, balanced airflow characteristics and maximum velocity above 825 meters/min are what propel the phoenix to rise above the competition.

The unique design of the CAM, coupled with a two speed switch, allows the restoration technician to deliver the most airflow using the fewest amps.

The CAM housing is durable, washable and chemical resistant. It features multiple operating positions allowing it to be angled up from horizontal to 45º and 90º

The Focus™


The Focus™ corner revolutionized evaporative drying by producing effective air velocities over a larger area than competitive products. This highly focused air flow is directed towards the most difficult areas to dry namely, carpet and cushion, sub-floor, sill plate and walls. No other fan dries the sill plate as fast! Finally, the Phoenix 50Hz Axial Air Mover with FOCUS™ Technology sustains these air velocities further than any other 50Hz Axial Air Mover.

Conventional axial air movers create a circular air jet and the only way to get air into the square corner is to point the fan in the directionof the corner. This angle wastes valuable air velocity and effective distance. FOCUS™ Technology creates an air jet with a square corner, resulting in optimized drying ability. In addition, the 50Hz Axial Air Mover features built-in 4.5° positioning which increases the fan’s effective drying distance. The Phoenix 50Hz AAM is another example of superior performance and innovative design from Phoenix engineering.

GuardianR HEPA Air Scrubbers by Phoenix


Lightweight, Powerful, Portable and under 1.2 Amps.

Restoration Express offers some of the best air scrubbers online Australia has to offer, such as the Phoenix GuardianR HEPA. This system brings maximum compactness and portability to Phoenix’s Guardian series of high performance HEPA air scrubbers. Featuring a durable, lightweight, and stackable roto-mold cabinet, the GuardianR is the most portable HEPA system on the market today.

Weighing just 15kg (33lbs.) and having a 56cm x 61cm (22?x24?) footprint, the GuardianR is over 30% lighter and over 7000 cm3 smaller than competitive units. The GuardianR features a powerful variable speed impeller with a maximum airflow over 825 m3/hr (485 CFM), while drawing only 1.2 amps – making it the perfect unit for remediation projects where space and power are at a premium. The GuardianR will filter the air in a typical 5m x 5m room (60 m3) in less than 5 minutes and perform 4 air changes per hour (ACH) on over 200 m3. The Guardian R can be operated horizontally where it’s large, duct opening maximizes the particle capture zone or vertically for space-saving negative air applications. The GuardianR’s detachable outlet duct ring makes attaching lay flat quick and simple.

The Guardian R features true HEPA performance with its 2-stage filtration design, utilizing a pleated pre-filter and a certified HEPA media filter with 30% more surface area than competitive units. This insures more air flow and longer HEPA filter life while removing virtually all hazardous particles from the air. Carbon and potassium permanganate filter options can also be added to absorb a wide range of odors and gases.


  • Up to 825 m3/hr (485 CFM) airflow;
  • 1.2 amps
  • Compact design
  • Variable speed flow
  • Multiple ducting options
  • Tough, rotomold cabinet
  • Optional carbon/potassium permanganate blend filter
  • Large horizontal inlet maximizes capture zone
  • 30% more filter media maximizes filter life
  • True HEPA filtration with 2-stage filtration design

TechCheck Moisture Meters by Delmhorst


Given the challenging conditions of building inspection, installation, and drying jobs, it pays to have an easy-to-use moisture meter that you can depend on. We offer this easy-to-use 2-in-1 TechCheck moisture meter online. It was designed with simplicity in mind and helps to make even the most demanding job simple.

Pin Mode:

  • 5% – 60% wood scale
  • 0.1% – 50% plasterboard scale

Scan Mode:

  • 0 – 300 numerical reference scale

General Features:

  • Integral 8mm contact pins
  • Connector for external electrodes
  • Built-in backlight for reading in dark areas
  • Auto shut off timer saves battery life
  • Alarm to let you know when preset moisture threshold is reached
  • HOLD key
  • 9 volt battery
  • 1 year warranty
  • Carrying case

Zip and Seal by ZipWall®


ZipWall® is an award-winning barrier system. It has been honored by the press and hailed by builders, painters, carpenters, floor refinishers, demolition workers, restoration companies, and do-it-yourselfers as a simple and effective method of controlling dust by isolating the worksite from other areas.

The patented ZipWall® spring loaded barrier system consists of telescoping twist lock ZipWall® poles available in both twelve and twenty foot lengths. The system locks the screening material (ordinary plastic sheeting, light canvas tarp or drop cloth) firmly against the ceiling, creating a “virtually airtight” barrier. Once in place, just lift and tuck the screening material under the pole to create a tight barrier from top to bottom.


Tramex CME4 Concrete Encounter


…for measuring moisture content, instantly, in concrete floors and floor screeds without the need to drill or damage the surface.

  • Regular checking of moisture content during the drying out period of a new concrete floor or floor screed is important to ensure it has reached sufficient dryness to accept the floor covering.
  • Excess moisture in the concrete could cause latent problems such as condensation or failure of the adhesive under the floor covering.
  • The Concrete Encounter 4 will give you an instant reading of moisture content up to 6% concrete; up to 0-10 comparative on gypsum screed enabling you to make an informed decisions on when to install the floor covering.
  • To use, simply switch on and hold the instrument firmly against the surface. As many non-destructive tests as you need can be carried out in seconds without the need to drill or damage the concrete.

HydroSensor II


Map the migration of water in carpet and pad without straining your back. The HydroSensor II has a collapsible shaft that extends to 31″ to save your knees and posture. Sensitive nickel-plated points alert you to moisture content above 17 percent.

Use only on carpet and pad.

  • Extends to 31″ for use
  • Collapses to 17″ for storage
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Nickel-plated, retractable points

Direct-It-In Universal Air Mover Adapter


DIRECT-IT IN Universal Airmover Adapter Attaches to any standard airmover for positive use. Best System for drying under cabinets and sets up in minutes. Injectidry’s DIRECT-IT IN, Universal Airmover Adapter is specifically developed to target areas which need high air exchange rates.

Drymatic Boost


The Drymatic Boost can be coupled to an Air Mover, the Drymatic Wall and Floor System or the Drymatic to offer a range of drying capabilities.

Using the built-in intelligence of the Drymatic, the Drymatic Boost allows the user to monitor the environment being dried via the wired sensor system. The user has the ability to set a ‘dry’ reference sample and the Boost will monitor the material being dried until you have reached your drying goal.

The Drymatic Boost will directly control the power supply to a standard air mover. Once the drying goal is reached, the Drymatic Boost will power down both itself and the Air Mover, making for a more economic drying system.

When used in conjunction with the Drymatic, the Boost pre-heats the intake air increasing the drying efficiency of the Drymatic. This controlled increase in ambient air within the room promotes a drastic increase in the amount of evaporation—reducing drying times and costs.

The Drymatic Boost has been designed to work alongside existing damage management equipment. Offering the drying technician a tool that will increase the drying performance of the other equipment already available.



The Dri-Eaz Sahara Pro is the “deluxe” airmover for the professional restorer. It boasts a low amp draw of only 3.3 amps but still provides plenty of power and versatility for every water damage restoration, flood restoration, or building drying job.

  • Low amp draw! Only 3.3 amps
  • Delivers 2263 m3/hr (1358 ft3/min)
  • Three speeds and four positions for versatility
  • Patented SafeGrip carpet clamp

Sahara Pro Specifications

Model F65-PRO 230V UK
Voltage 230V
Plug Type UK
Amps 3.7 amps
Height 50 cm (19.5 in)
Width 44 cm (17.5 in)
Depth 50 cm (19.5 in)
Weight 17 kg (38 lb)
Housing Rotomoulded
Motor Power 0.56 kw (0.75 hp)
Motor Speeds Three
Switch Rotary
Max Rated Airflow 5267 m3/hr (3100 ft3/min)
Max Tested Airflow 2263 m3/hr (1358 ft3/min)
Static Pressure (H2O) 56 mm (2.2 in)
Operating Positions Four – 0°, 15°, 45° and 90°
Cord Length 7.6 m (25 ft)
Carpet Clamp Yes
Kickstand Yes
Safety Marks CE



It’s the first dehumidifier to pack premier technology into a compact design. So versatile and easy to use, it is specifically designed for when humidity levels are at their highest.

  • Low grain refrigerant
  • Programable
  • Hygrotrac Ready
  • Non-rusting rugged plastic moulding
  • Split evaporator
  • Low maintenance pump
  • Capacity of up to 63 L/day
  • Adjustable program and defrost times
  • Easy access to filter and pump
  • Intelligent touchpad controls
  • Semi-pneumatic wheels
  • Fold away handle
  • Four language programs (English, German, French and Spanish)
  • Complements current range of Dri-Eaz products

EV1800 Specifications

UK Model F319 230V
Type Low Grain Refrigerant
Power 2.8 amps
Dimensions (HxWxD) 85 cm x 52,5 cm x 52,5 cm (33.5x21x21 in)
Weight 42 kg (93 lbs.)
Water Removal (Max)* 63 L/day (133 pints)
Water Removal (AHAM)* 35 L/day (74 pints)
Operating Range 1° – 32° C (34F – 89.6F)
Compressor Type 6,275 BTU Rotary
Defrost Type Hot-Gas Bypass
Process Air 289 CMH
Controls Touchpad
Hour Meter Yes
Water Pump-Out Centrifugal
Drain Hose Length 12.2 M (40 ft.)
Air Filter High Airflow
Wheels Semi-Pneumatic
Handle Collapsible Metal
Cord Length 7.6 M (25 ft.)
Safety Marks CE
odour control